L'univers de Paul...

Paul Kunigis revient très bientôt avec son spectacle pour les enfants mais aussi les plus grands.

Wapiti se produira le 9 avril 2017 à la Place des Arts à Montréal...

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La Montagne Secrète
L’abécédaire pimpant qui venait du froid

Au cours de 24 chansons bien ficelées durant près de cinquante minutes, les enfants parcourent un spectre particulièrement large de styles musicaux et d’époques, jazz, blues, seventies, Europe centrale, Amérique latine, chorales pour enfants sur des airs traditionnels, mais aussi de la chanson française, Higelin, Reggiani, Brassens ou encore Gainsbourg. De quoi familiariser subrepticement leurs oreilles pour de belles écoutes à l’adolescence. Les textes et illustrations ont pour l’essentiel mais pas exclusivement des thèmes animaliers. Légers et jamais puérils, ils concourent à la réussite de l’ensemble.

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The Secret Mountain brings the fun back to the alphabet by addressing the sound of each letter, from A to Z, through amusing and lively songs.  Each page of the colorfully illustrated songbook features a whimsical way to look at each letter, from “A is for Aha! Aha!” to “Z is for zoom through it because our song’s already through.” Pre-­‐readers and early readers alike will enjoy thinking about the letters and words.

The songs are simply worded for these emerging readers, but there’s plenty here to challenge those who want to learn more sophisticated words like “M is for my marmot and me” and “R is for rambunctious rascals making a racket.” The title song, “W is for Wapiti,” is accompanied by a picture of a humongous beast stalking a hunter through the forest. It’s quite a turnabout! The last song, “Let’s Sing It Again,” will ensure that early readers and careful listeners become ABC experts.

What a fantastic book for little learners!  Both 6 year old A and 3 year old D LOVED this book/CD combo.  The pictures are colorfully illustrated with a poem/song for each letter of the alphabet.  These little stories are both funny and educational.

Our kiddos respond really well to learning through song and "W is for Wapiti" is a great way to introduce letters.  ABCD Diaries gives "W is for Wapiti" an A+!

Montreal's Gazette

Most children start to notice some letters around the age of two or three and by the time they are four or five have pretty much mastered the alphabet. Media that you can use in teaching your children the alphabet is music and books.

Learning the alphabet is bound to be fun with these 24 simply worded songs that take children on a wild and amazing musical odyssey through the letters A to Z. Zany, hilarious characters—from B- A Itsy Bitsy tiny thin paper boat to a friendly ghost who delivers fruit to a twisted turtle who feels a tad bare under her shell—come to life through expressive watercolor illustrations that highlight each catchy lyrics.

My favorite songs are Papa’s Quiet Rascals performed by Glen Bowser & Toby Gallant and Aha Aha! Did you do that? performers Karen Young, Luka Gallant, Mia Gallant, and Toby Gallant. Overall, the entire CD is really sweet.

Not only will you and your child both have fun reading and listening to the CD included with W is for Wapiti! An Alphabet Songbook; it is an opportunity to make learning a process that is enjoyable.

All songs were written by Christiane Duchesne and Paul Kunigis, with performances by Canadian jazz vocalist, Karen Young and Glen Bowser. The charming watercolor artwork was created by Geneviève Côté.

Today I'm reviewing another lovely book and CD set from The Secret Mountain. I've mentioned this award winning Canadian publisher before, as I am totally in love with their high-quality hardcover children's picture books and audio CDs...

W is for Wapiti is a storybook-music CD featuring twenty-four original kids songs, all based around the alphabet. The artwork for the book was created by award winning illustrator Geneviève Côté. The songs were written by Christiane Duchesne and Paul Kunigis, and include performances by Canadian jazz vocalist, Karen Young and stage actor-singer, Glen Bowser.

As you may have guessed from the title, W is for Wapiti is not your average ABC book. The book moves through the letters of the alphabet, with quirky and unique songs to accompany each letter. From A is for Aha-Aha, Did you do that? to Z is for Zoom through it again, you're in for a wild ride.

The book itself is lovely. The watercolour illustrations are charming, and my kids enjoy sitting and having me read the picture book to them.

The accompanying CD is also a hit. We've been listening to it bunches, and the catchy and quirky tunes tend to get stuck in my head. I find myself singing Aha-aha, Did you do that? frequently. G-Girl's favourite song is from the letter V, VIPs of the Earth. It's a song about earthworms. Yeah, see what I'm saying? V is for... earthworms? It's zany, and it totally works. We till the soil, we give it air It's work that no one sees We are the worms and we have flair We are the earth's VIPs

Fanciful, fun and at times even funny W is for Wapiti is an original musical delight, one not to be overlooked. The book is available for purchase directly from The Secret Mountain website for $22.95. Or you can purchase the digital download, which includes music from the CD as well as printable PDF files of the illustrations and song lyrics, for $12.50.

W is for Wapiti, subtitled An Alphabet Songbook, is one of the latest storybook/music-CD offerings from Montreal-based publisher The Secret Mountain. The 48-page hardcover book, illustrated by Geneviève Côté, contains rhyming lyrics by Christiane Duchesne and Paul Kunigis, as well as a CD featuring the voices of Karen Young and Glen Bowser. The entire package is beautifully executed and will appeal to young and old alike. Côté’s watercolour illustrations are eye-catching (I was especially taken by the young reader floating on a cloud, and the goofy-looking koala family) and the accompanying CD offers a wide variety of music (including a rock version for the letter V, in which Bowser channels his inner Elvis). Especially good for ages 3 to 7.